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Dangerous Goods Course

Dangerous Goods Course

Need a Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods

ACTM training and assessment in this unit will ensure that you have the skills and knowledge required to obtain a dangerous goods (DG) driver licence to transport DG by road.

Achieving this unit of competency is a necessary requirement for obtaining a licence. However, it is only one of several criteria for obtaining a DG driver licence. More information can be sourced from the regulator in each jurisdiction regarding other criteria that apply, which can vary between states and territories. Compliance with these requirements may be required nationally and/or in specific jurisdictions.

The unit covers compliance with regulatory requirements but does not address all the skills and knowledge for the transportation of DG. On achieving this unit and obtaining a licence, further industry specific training will be required to satisfy legislative requirements to transport DG.

The primary legislative requirement applicable to this unit of competency is the Model Subordinate Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road or Rail, which is reflected in state/territory legislation.

This law, in relation to the safe transport of DG, references the current version of the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code, the Model ACT on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail, relevant Australian Standards (AS) and relevant work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation including licensing and assessment requirements.

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TLILIC0001– Licence to transport dangerous goods by road

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