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Licence to Drive a multi-combination vehicle

Licence to Drive a multi-combination vehicle

Need a Licence to Drive a Multi-combination Vehicle

Forget all the MC Training package deals and course timelines – at ACTM your training will be charged at our affordable hourly rate for specific personalised training and assessment for your skill level at your pace that you need to work at to take up the skills and knowledge required to drive a multi-combination vehicle safely, including maintaining systematic and efficient control of all vehicle functions, coupling and uncoupling dollies, monitoring traffic and road conditions, managing vehicle condition and performance, and effectively managing hazardous situations.

Qld Transport and Main Roads (QTMR) accepts the current industry standard for delivery of TLIC4006 Drive MC Vehicle to a class HR driver licence holder as being at least 2 days (up to 16 hours) training and assessment with a minimum 2 hours on-road final competency assessment.

Our professional Trainers and Assessors with years of industry experience will mentor and guide you through the theory and practical sections of the course.

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TLIC4006– Drive multi-combination vehicle

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